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Machiavellian Expert On Human
Behavior Comes Clean About
Hypnosis, Persuasion, And
Mind Control!"

Dear Friend,

If the thought of true unlimited personal power has ever crossed your
mind... this will be the most important letter you ever read.

For years I've been studying various forms of self-improvement,
hypnosis and persuasion. Like you, I've chased the trends - the latest
"Law of Attraction" knockoff, people claiming to have "inside
information" on "secret" hypnosis groups, and all sorts of other

When it comes down to really winning when dealing with other people, I
know that spouting hypnotic patterns at them isn't the way to truly
make them do what you want. Instead of trying hypnosis tricks why not
make them believe that you are the type of person they want to follow -
at least in their eyes?

Here's how I stumbled upon this revelation. After a ton of wasted time,
I came across a large collection of some scarce old books. Once I sat
down and started reading them, I discovered just why they were
The Keys To Real Mind Control
These books made it very clear that there was one thing above all
others in importance when it comes to influencing other people...
magnetism. What is magnetism?

Magnetism is best described as: the quality of the mental
being of the individual that serves to bring other persons into a mood
or state of mind sympathetic with that of the magnetic person.

No hocus pocus.

No witch-doctor hypnosis patterns.

Elite Social Control has taken the old principles of personal magnetism
and basically cross-pollinated them with more modern teachings, in an
effort to create an unstoppable persuasion system.

Just a few of the secrets in Elite Social Control:
* The #1 myth about hypnosis today - and how to protect yourself by
applying this strategy now!

* Why almost everyone is wrong about attraction

* How to control any social interaction - and it's outcome

* A closely guarded secret that you must possess if you ever want to
become known as a Social Master, gain all the friends you could
ever need and make every other person around you seem inferior and

* A complete, step-by-step blueprint for generating quality
conversation any time you want

* Discover the mesmerizing statements that take command of people,
put them under your spell -- and keep them tantalized by every word
that comes out of your mouth

* Get rid of negative social habits, such as saying the wrong thing
at the wrong time

* How to embed a command in a person's brain so that if they can't
follow you right now, they will be hypnotically compelled to obey
your commands later

* How to drop statements in your conversation unobtrusively, while
skillfully inducing others to follow your lead

* Learn how to apply tasteful, but persuasive suggestions to your
speech, and literally get hordes of mind slaves with the raw
magnetism of a Winston Churchill!

Free Elite Social Control Techniques
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Control newsletter. We'll never rent or sell your email address.

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Sign Me Up!

Just The Tip Of The Iceberg...

Churchill. Napoleon. Washington. Rasputin.

What did they all have? I can tell you, it wasn't the latest
"seduction" trick, or any "secret" persuasion videos. What they did
have, however, was... magnetism.

Once your personal magnetism is developed properly, there will be no
stopping you in whatever it is you wish to do. Rising to the top of the
social or business ladder, finding friends, or obtaining the lover of
your dreams will be quite simple once you master the secrets contained
in Elite Social Control.

Many persuasion and hypnosis "experts" have charged hundreds - if not
thousands - for material that can't even touch this. I should know -
I've given talks at some of their seminars! Now you can get far more
effective techniques at a fraction of the cost.

You're About To Discover...

* My own secret weapon that allows me to befriend people in less than
5 minutes, that you begin using easily without thought. Note: By
using this tactic, going into a room full of people you don't know
is a snap

* Dozens of real-life examples of Elite Social Control with specific
communication strategies

* Sex? What the hell does sex have to do with Elite Social Control?
More than you think. Learn how to apply the seduction power of ESC
to your toolbox today, and literally build your own harem with the
power of a Master Seducer

* Simple tactics to turn people into sheep, so you have willing,
long-term drones who are programmed to obey their Master

* The #1 thing you absolutely must do if you want to benefit from any
of this material. Miss this, and you'll end up as a "slave" to
societal conditioning that never gets anywhere

* Why most people are slaves in their own little world - and why it's
the best news you could ever get! Find out how you can avoid the
"Matrix" of mediocrity and learn to work smarter, not harder!

* You'll discover every mistake and failure I've encountered in the
past 7 years of studying persuasion and hypnosis

* All the facts you must know about people and their hidden dreams
and desires

* A little-known secret that shows you how to develop a dominating
physical presence

* A magic formula for eye contact that melts others - and lets them
know who's in charge

* A new angle on the old "I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine"
that can bring amazing results

* A RARELY used technique that'll capture minds like crazy

* Devastating "inner game" routines that will program you with
confidence - permanently

* Blast right through initial resistance and kick into a higher gear
of rapport

* Control the minds of people "above" you -- bosses, supervisors,
managers - and influence them to favor you every time

* Discover exact methods that disguise your mind control efforts as
mere small talk -- thereby skyrocketing the effectiveness of your

* Discover how to guide conversations the easy way (and why it will
help you make breakthroughs you've never thought possible!)

* Get the absolute most powerful form of persuasion you've ever

* How to play people like a hypnotic snake charmer in under 10

* How to mentally take over a room before you even walk in the door

I Realize This Is Controversial

Letting the cat out of the bag with Elite Social Control isn't going to
make the carnival hucksters of the hypnosis and persuasion
"communities" too happy with me. I know I'll never get invited to their
overpriced seminars or be one of their top affiliates. They'll probably
even ban me from their forums online. That's OK.

I can understand their desire to keep this sort of knowledge to
themselves, but I think that's a scam. Many of my friends have
benefited from this, now it's your turn.

More Examples Of The Knowledge Contained In Elite Social Control:

* How to increase your magnetism by 100% or more by tomorrow

* How to win people over now regardless of your conversational skills
in the past

* Learn how to wield the same powerful mind control over others as
all great Kings, Popes, and Emperors

* Learn all the enormous mistakes people make that cost them allies
and hold them back. You'll be in for a rude awakening when you see
how many of these mistakes you are making.

* Proven tactics to get everybody to worship you -- whether or not
you have money, connections, or any of the other "typical" status

* Verbally pummel your opponents into submission - this Zen-like
tactic is the easiest thing you could ever do - but it makes anyone
who opposes you come off as an bitter, annoying loser - and makes
you look great!

* Slip these mesmerizing statements in your conversation -- and
people will feel compelled to do exactly what you say

* Create a "Dominating Mindset" for yourself using this leftover
self-help technique

* Surprise! Influence is not what you think it is. Read the manual to
find out what we mean. This information will shock you at first -
then it will make you dangerous!

* Why using your "natural charm" and "sense of humor" can actually
prevent you from winning people over

Don't Decide Now...
Try Elite Social Control Risk-Free For 60 Days

Now, you still may not be convinced that this will work for you. I've
made some pretty bold claims, haven't I?

I know you probably feel skeptical or unsure, just like other people
did, before they bought this book.

So that's why I've reversed all the risk by giving you 60 days to try
out the techniques in the book. There is absolutely no way that you can
loseexcept by not taking me up on this risk-free examination of Elite
Social Control.

WARNING: if you're the type of person that buys but never tries, that
won't put in just a few hours of your time to drastically improve your
life... well, go away. I can't help you, and nobody else can, either. I
only want winners to buy this - and winners will put in effort to
improve themselves.

Here's How To Order Right Now:



Order Online By Safe, Secure Server

The book is in PDF format, which can be
viewed on any computer (PC or Mac)

You will receive instant access to the digital book -
no matter what time it is.

Best of luck,

Hamilton Miller
PS If you order now, I'll throw in access to the Elite Social Control
online discussion group! Get your personal questions answered and
talk to other readers of ESC.

All contents copyright 2008 by Hamilton Miller. For information on
our affiliate program, please click here. By using this site you
agree to the terms and conditions here.

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